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NSF Software Institute Conceptualization, Award #1216898, #1216504, #1216696

Accelerating Grand Challenge Data-intensive Problems using Future Computing Platforms

PI & Co-PIs: Viktor Prasanna, Yogesh Simmhan (USC); David Bader, Richard Vuduc, Jason Riedy (GATech); Manish Parashar (Rutgers)

Project Manager: Shel Swenson (USC & GATech),

VisionThe Center for Sustainable Software on Future Computing Platforms will provide scientific communities the means to leverage future platforms’ potential to transform research and gain key insights into data-intensive grand challenge problems.

Mission — Produce an in-depth conceptual design for a center that will enable scientists to leverage the disruptive potential of future computing platforms while managing the software sustainability challenges that hamper solving data-intensive grand challenge problems.


  • Obtain a comprehensive understanding of
    • common graph problems in data-intensive grand challenges that best map to future computing platforms
    • infrastructure needed to support development of critical scientific software on these platforms
  • Develop reference implementations, open source frameworks, best practices, etc. that enable a few grand challenge problems
  • Prioritize appropriate research, development and outreach activities of the FCP Center.

Upcoming and Recent FCP Events

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